Meet James

James Giles is a keen community campaigner in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, where he has lived since birth, particularly focusing on issues in New Malden and Coombe

Attending Coombe Boys’ School, James established a student newsletter, which grew to become a community newspaper in the Royal Borough, ‘Coombe Monthly’, of which an archive can be found at

Following on from this, James became involved in the New Malden Residents’ Association, now serving as Membership Secretary to the organisation, and the Maldens and Coombe Heritage Society where he served as a committee member for a year.

James’ campaigning began in 2014, when, together with local resident Yvonne Tracey, he co-ordinated the successful campaign to save New Malden Crown Post Office.

In 2016, James co-ordinated the campaign to save the Fountain Roundabout, establishing the Malden Independent Community Organisation, which was successful after over 1300 residents signed petitions and marched to save the roundabout. The campaign saw press coverage, both locally and nationally, with the story being covered on BBC News.

James has chaired a number of hustings, encouraging local residents to find out more about candidates in upcoming elections – notably, James has chaired meetings featuring Baroness Susan Kramer, George Galloway, Edward Davey, David Kurten, Peter Whittle and Sian Berry.

James continues to campaign on local issues, and welcomes any contribution from residents who may require help.