Old Malden – the centre of the universe!

Mary and David are keen campaigners for Old Malden, leading a number of local campaigns.

Restoring Old Malden Pond

Mary is currently chairing a local action group with the aim of receiving funding from the Heritage Lottery to completely refurbish the Plough Pond and its surroundings in order to make it more community friendly for all to enjoy, plus an educational  pond dipping area for local children. If you would like more information, please contact me on 020 8949 3157.

Play Equipment for Risborough Green Open Space

Mary and David are funding the purchase and installation of badly needed play equipment for the children on the Risborough Green Open Space, which they hope will be installed in the very near future. Please contact me on 020 8949 3157 for more information on this.

Protecting our Heritage

Mary is the chairperson of the Maldens and Coombe Heritage Society. If you would like to join the society or find out more, please contact Robin Gill on robinislander@hotmail.com

To find out more about Mary and David, contact them on 020 8949 3157 or e-mail mary.clark@kingston.gov.uk or david.fraser@kingston.gov.uk